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It’s Halloween!!

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved Halloween and everything spooky in between! 

Autumn, of course is my favorite season and sorry folks, but  nothing beats candy corn! 

The sounds of excited children, laughing, talking and strolling down every neighborhood street. 

Dressed in costumes, going from door to door, knocking delightfully!

Then they say loudly,   “Trick or Treat!!”   



Who is this creature who has such a love for Halloween? 

You might ask? Where did all this spookiness come from?



Well, if you remember back in the day when loads of trick or treaters filled the streets and Halloween parties echoed through windows playing music like the Monster Mash! Every front yard was decorated and almost all of the neighborhood houses porch lights were on. Halloween treasure hunts, school parties, and costumes that you were allowed to wear all day at work and school on Halloween!

I have memories back when I was in kindergarten, we had a huge school Halloween party.  Halloween cake walk with a costume contest and even the adults dressed up. My Mom went all out ever

year on Halloween. I think she started the fire under the cauldron, and the ingredients inside boiled up something wicked!

Well, as you can see, it started from an early age.


Then came, “The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!”

That is still my favorite Halloween movie.

I hear the Peanuts song and all I think about is Halloween! 

When my children were little, we discovered “Scary Godmother” movies as well! I hear the music for that movie and I get excited 

like I'm eight years old again!


Home Haunt

As an adult, I share my haunted passion with my husband and children. Through the years, we had many Halloween events,

parties, and built walk through Haunted Houses. 

My husband and I built themed, walk through Haunted Houses on our property from scratch every year for trick or treaters in our community of Owatonna, Minnesota. 

We were what you call, “Home Haunters”. Our home haunt, PumpkinMan's Lair, was open only one night, on Halloween. Sometimes, construction was four months before October 31st.

Of course, in the beginning, the streets were bare, but in about two to three years it got bigger. A dozen or so children came, then at the top of our home haunting, we recorded 450 people came through on Halloween! Two adults to every kid! I would have to say that we were keeping the spirit of Halloween alive!

J.Graphics Inc

J.Graphics Inc is my small/freelance business and the foundation for my graphic design, marketing, photography and

event coordinating. I specialize in print marketing and one prominent focus is magazine layout design. 

I have a creepy collection of Halloween magazines and books,

using them as a source of spooky inspiration every year. 

My crazy passion for magazines and Halloween, made me realize after years of networking, home haunting, conventions, and events, it was time for me to publish my own Halloween magazine!

I want to share the season of Halloween through this magazine with the hope that I can give everyone that feeling they had as a kid when it was time to go "Trick or Treating" on October 31st, Halloween.


So, let’s have some fun, feel like a kid and enjoy the

Season of Halloween!

(which of course is year round for some of us.

I know who you are people, much love)

Welcome to Crazy 4 Halloween Magazine!

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